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S. S BUSINESS CONSULTANTS is a professional consultancy firm with services like Income Tax, GST, Accounting, Auditing, Payroll in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India .

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Business Licence Application

Consultants can often qualify to accept client fees after completing a brief business license application with their county clerk’s office. Doing business in larger cities may require applying for a business privilege license at city hall. States that force the collection of sales tax on consulting fees require consulting companies to register with their department of state. County or state officials may also require a fictitious business license when a consulting company operates under anything other than the personal name of its founder.

Independent consultants, especially professionals making a career change after leaving larger companies, often neglect to procure business licenses based on some common misconceptions. For instance, some consultants mistakenly believe that they can operate their business in the clear from client locations. In fact, providing exclusively on-site service to consulting clients can violate federal guidelines that dictate the distinction between employees and independent contractors. Obtaining a business license can prevent clients from being wrongly accused of shirking labor laws.


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