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Top staffing & payroll service consultant- RTCS group-: Running a business with employees means that you have to pay them. Pay is the main incentive for employees to be working in the first place. It is their source of livelihood and their main motivation. However, it is not as easy as paying a certain amount at the end of the month. Several factors are incorporated into the employee’s final pay.

Depending on the company size, you may choose to handle payroll by hand, using a software or by hiring a payroll accountant. Payroll by hand may be a suitable for a company with less than 10 employees as it takes time to calculate all the aspects of payroll before arriving at the payment figure. However, manual payroll calculation can be prone to human error. Payroll software’s are often used in companies with a large number of employees. Top staffing & payroll service consultant. Although a less expensive method, it is prone to technical errors and glitches leading to overpayment or underpayment which in turn can cause a serious negative backlash. Hiring an experienced payroll accountant can be an expensive option. In addition to that, the responsibility of managing the payroll functions is still in your hands which significantly affects your focus on the more developmental aspects of your business.


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